Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fashion Terrorists

11:30 AM JohnGaylliano: i feel like i didnt "get" fashion until skinny jeans were invented
TomBored: even though i dont wear them, i agree
11:31 AM JohnGaylliano: i can wear normal pants now -- i'm "with it"
just needed those fashion training wheels so to say
TomBored: i opt for the 514 over the 511. which actually makes the transition to pants easier
JohnGaylliano: ha ha
im still wearing jeans that are dyed like khakis
11:32 AM TomBored: ha
JohnGaylliano: hoping to make the jump in second fiscal quarter of 09
TomBored: ha
11:33 AM i think it, for me, was just a matter of waiting until pants started being cut for sneakers instead of brogues. bc i dont think ill ever make the transistion to real shoes, or boots. i feel like i take everything too seriously if i wear leather on my feet that long
11:34 AM like "can i listen to the new Nas while wearing Clarks?"
or can i smoke weed anymore?
should i start wearing condoms?
11:35 AM JohnGaylliano: "do i really need to look in random peoples medicine cabinets when takin a simple piss?"
11:36 AM TomBored: "will i ever investigate what that actually is on my inner thigh?"
JohnGaylliano: oh
11:37 AM just to show you how laid i am getting -- and consequentially how arrogant i am
have somehow summoned the courage to wear these every day
even at work
TomBored: fuck you

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