Thursday, January 22, 2009

Portrait of the Artist

2:32 PM JulesSchnabel: when are we getting our first facebook president
cant wait for the GOP to dig up pics of my boy holding a red plastic solo cup in every goddamn photo
2:33 PM GuvnorKlimt: ha
2:34 PM when i get rich im getting a sarcophagus
JulesSchnabel: rachel gets buried alive with you
2:35 PM GuvnorKlimt: exactly
and you
im bringin my whole crew
JulesSchnabel: fuck
i guess i am living longer considering how i've spent more of my life eating tofu than you have
2:36 PM GuvnorKlimt: i just dont think i want to do this for all that long
its fuckin tiring
2:37 PM i just got back from the Picasso museum, excuse my negativity. I just have this urge to beat women
2:38 PM JulesSchnabel: that's part and parcel of being a genius, unfortch
2:39 PM GuvnorKlimt: seriously, why do movies like Wedding Crashers portray the kid brother as a gay pussy bc hes an artist. he should be beating women, beating RAchel McAdams
2:41 PM JulesSchnabel: right
walking into andy warhol's studio and pissing in the fireplace
calling Velvet underground a bunch of faggots
GuvnorKlimt: exaclty
2:42 PM JulesSchnabel: artists are hard

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  1. I'm glad you let out your anger in cyber space so I don't have to deal with it in real life.