Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

BernieMadoff: take a pic of yourself wearing only that and an ipod
GordieGekko: ha ha
BernieMadoff: and date it!
GordieGekko: for posterity
10:22 AM BernieMadoff: exactly.
GordieGekko: i'll hold up a copy of the new york times
like terrorists do to prove daniel pearl is still alive
10:23 AM BernieMadoff: and send it to mark hunter
or is it marc
10:24 AM GordieGekko: i just don't want him raffling it off at one of his fag garage sale
BernieMadoff: ha
GordieGekko: it's unconscionable (sp?) to give party photogs any more money than they already receive
BernieMadoff: oh my word. do people do that?
10:25 AM i thought it was just their shit
GordieGekko: i think it's all free schwag he gets
then sells to these echo park guppies
BernieMadoff: hes the kind of celeb that still begs for pussy
10:27 AM GordieGekko: do you think he bangs models?
or future models that are still in jr high school
10:28 AM BernieMadoff: i think he fucks their default uglier friend. while they flirt with the guy from MSTRKRFT
GordieGekko: talk about a rock and a hard place
BernieMadoff: but he comes super quickly and blames it on all the blow he and Aoki do
10:29 AM GordieGekko: I blame my premature ejac on Aoki and Hunter
It's just so plausible
Then we discuss the gentrification of bushwick as we smoke a cigarette
BernieMadoff: i blame it on the current state of the economy
10:30 AM like im in the market
i had a bad quarter
GordieGekko: i can't concentrate on fucking when i'm thinking about my bomb cover letter
BernieMadoff: "sorry, can we do this later, im just very focused on my OBJECTIVE this evening"

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