Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Being A Woman Is The Shit, Probably

6:32 PM Jean-Claude: the fuck are you up to homeboy
6:33 PM Pierrot: just got home from a fucking catering gig omg
Jean-Claude: what?
Pierrot: i just picked up like 25 hours of work over the last two days
Jean-Claude: well on your way to selling a tv show to ABC i see
6:34 PM Pierrot: exactly
It does feel good to be without a doubt the coolest motherfucker in a room of 150 though
6:35 PM its like group head, but only one dick
Jean-Claude: ha ha
6:36 PM Pierrot: but i bet im the only one who has to come home to three chocolate cookies, a banana and top ramen
Jean-Claude: arent you supposed to be stealing canap├ęs and pot roast at these kinds of jobs
tray of devilled eggs, just "falls off the truck"?
6:38 PM Pierrot: yea i did
but i ate them there
6:39 PM got caught today too
eating soup
how embarrasing
Jean-Claude: fuck
Pierrot: its like getting caught jacking off, not to porn
or being arrested for stealing a case of coca cola
6:40 PM brb 90 sec
6:44 PM yo
Jean-Claude: so what kind of event did you cater?
6:45 PM Pierrot: well it wasnt really catering only
it was a HUGE conference at the Fairmont hotel
nicest in SF for sure
700 peops
had to room monitor, check in. and cater
all OT though
and easy
6:46 PM 4 blocks from my place
Jean-Claude: got it
ive worked those kinds of things before
6:47 PM but as a videographer
Pierrot: theres was one there
Jean-Claude: a lot of watery looking dudes in bad suits walking around with their wedding rings hidden in their pockets
6:49 PM Pierrot: thats right on. lots of guys who were like "yea I get it" when id make a joke and then walk away thinking. "fuck the youth"
Jean-Claude: haha
6:50 PM Pierrot: i swear. both my bosses were gay. so I just acted a little gay and flirty
i got whatever i wanted
being a woman is the shit probably
Jean-Claude: yeah i hear you
whenever i walk into the party i seek out the gay dude
6:51 PM im like, 'here's a guy who will probably be interested in what i have to say'
Pierrot: haha
hey do me a big gay favor. ok
6:52 PM text 510 465 2144. "hey cam, this is Cuyler via Julian. Im home and you can come by whenever. xoxo" you mind???