Sunday, November 30, 2008

Too Cool to Have a Soul

Chas: i need lots of money
Richie: yea
Chas: now
i hate how broke i am
Richie: shitty
work situation sucks?
Chas: no its good
12:01 PM i get paid alright money
Richie: just want to get rich -er?
Chas: yea exactly
just RICH
any jacket i want whencer
Richie: i can't let these liberal arts student niggas make more $$$ than me
Chas: i know
Richie: its unfair
i made decision recently
financial independence first
ghey art films second
12:02 PM Chas: exactly
Richie: only rich fagotas like wes anderson keep their soul
Chas: could we sell something to Andy Samberg, or just kill him and go to work on Monday for him and that ugly teamate he;s got
Richie: im too cool to have a soul
12:03 PM Chas: if my dad was Wes Anderson, Id defo make movies with Mike Bay
Richie: just to piss him off
Chas: "teenage rebellion"
Richie: i feel you
12:04 PM and scoff loudly during dads screenings
like everytime you see slo mo
you start texting loudly
Chas: haha
Richie: and farting in the direction of the screen

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brown v. Board of Education

7:00 PM
Ridley: I taught high school today.
: one step closer to perfecting my Ryan Gosling image
Tony: what??
for real
Ridley: yea
Tony: what was the class
how to freebase out of a grannysmith apple
Ridley: ha! i just winged that shit?
Tony: jesus that is insane -- but they don't fall for the "cool teacher sitting on his desk" routine
: gonna rap to yalls about "social studies"
7:02 PM
Ridley: exaclty! indian style on top of the desk is the most immobile position to prepare to chase some Welfare case out of the room after he pisses on his "girlfriends" head
Tony: hahaha

Friday, November 14, 2008

4Real Estate

12:07 PM FleetwoodWhack: so how does a one bedroom in an affordable part of Manhattan run these days?
im thinkin April 1st
with my ho
LCDShitSystem: what for real?
FleetwoodWhack: yea
LCDShitSystem: i got a halfie
how exciting
12:08 PM FleetwoodWhack: nice
LCDShitSystem: errr instead of telling you how much rent is
why dont i just put it in terms of how many negative dollars you will be spending on cool clothes, entertainment and powdery drugs

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pete Doherty x H&M x Yr Momz x Collabo FALL/WINTER '09

10:56 AM Disraeli: you know being out here makes me want to wear baggier jeans and t-shirts and just wear jackets and nikes. fashion out here is like Tina Fey back home. you have to see it, but you really dont fucking want to care about it. and even your mom knows what it is
11:01 AM Earl Grey: really?
that's weird
Disraeli: weird how?
Earl Grey: i would have thought you'd get that crisp english look
Disraeli: no they dont have that anymore
11:02 AM Earl Grey: that's only for the 2 percent who speak RP english and can afford dior homme
Disraeli: exactly man
most kids are ghey-hipster
the others are essentially from Kansas and the rest are Euro-trash
i sort of hate the style
11:03 AM i was imagining only suits, but its only boots and skinny's
11:06 AM its what Williamsburg is about to be, in April '09
11:07 AM im sick of it
i want uniforms
for everyone
Earl Grey: suits man
11:08 AM it's sad but that is a trend that will NEVER come back
unless U.S. economy collapses and we get Warren Buffettt to be our dictator
11:09 AM Disraeli: i know
i dont want to wear a suit per-say
11:10 AM just comment on how nice some dudes is