Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guy Fawlkes Day does, in fact, Exist

Nikil: saw a guy dressed as a keg
Saba: ha
Nikil: also weird
a guy who looked EXACTLY like noah wylie
so he dressed up in scrubs and played the dude from ER
Saba: waht
thats like you going as the suicide bomber in Apocolypse Now
Nikil: i'm told i look exactly like the kid brother from good morning vietnam
i thought people were just being ignorant and racist
but it's true

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Bunch of Abstract Expressionists Fucked Up on Coke

24 minutes
3:58 PM Jeremy: rach says you are coming out to NY in may?
4:01 PM Chad: i think she really wants to and we both have the money for it
i want to go in like August
when its heroin hot
Jeremy: hopefully it will just be miller lite hot
4:02 PM i would even accept miller "chill" hot
Chad: henry miller chill
4:03 PM Jeremy: gets hot in the tropic of cancer
ok enough
4:04 PM Chad: shit son
4:08 PM Jeremy: i watched a three hour movie about carthusian monks
last night
netflix = masochism
4:12 PM friends don't let friends do coke and get in the paint closet
@ 5am

8 minutes
4:21 PM Chad: fuck is that your living room?
Jeremy: yeah
Chad: thats what Jackson's pollocks placenta would look like
Jeremy: for real

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sydney Poitier Runs The L.A.P.D.

9:48 AM Shia: yo i got pulled over by a cop this morning
how much do you think an illegal uturn ticket is??

32 minutes
10:20 AM Indiana: i can tell u exactly
i have a pending one
10:21 AM its a few hundred.
is there a sign that specifically says "no u turn?
if not, you can contest that shit
Shia: it was in the middle of a street
10:22 AM i crossed a double yellow
Indiana: yea
no luck pal
thats an official illegal maneuver
10:23 AM Shia: 1st time i've been pulled over -- i had been driving w/ utter impunity before then
10:24 AM i had expired insurance and reg. but the cop let it pass thank god

8 minutes
10:32 AM Indiana: they usually throw out the small stuff if youre nice.
too much paper work for a $10 fix it ticket
sorry tho
getting pulled over is a real glimpse into the black mans world
honestly -- its kind of scary, even if youre sober
10:34 AM Shia: i guess ... i've seen some real asshole cops before
this guy was alright -- black dude
didn't give me any shit
10:35 AM Indiana: ahh
well good
Shia: when ur black you have a choice: do i be terrence howard or motherfucking carlton from fresh prince
10:36 AM although terrence initially buckled in crash

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Country For Old Ravers

Milton: haha
did you see no country
Small: fucking tight right?
Milton: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:49 AM Small: scene in the gas station store is so well written
i want to go drinking w/ bardem
Milton: i know -- i guess ive been curious lately (not that it matters) how much of it it Joel and Ethans words vs how much is Cormac's
11:50 AM Small: it is exactly like it is in the book
Milton: they just DJ that shit
Small: ha ha ha
bardem's haircut is all coen bros. though -- stroke of genius
11:51 AM Milton: i know - i thought wig fo sho, but just jews idea of agood laugh
Small: serious

In The Future There Are No Sexes And We're All Wearing American Apparel

11:03 AM Bryce: wake up faggot
you at work too?

11:09 AM Van Patten
: ugh yeah
11:11 AM for about a week and a half i had $5 in my bank acct
i don't even buy coke, what's up with that shit???
11:12 AM Bryce: no more coke
11:13 AM Van Patten: drukqs aint no fun
11:14 AM you thought about driving to l.a. for the detour festival?
Bryce: yea i did, i was thinking Halloween, and flying
11:15 AM Van Patten: by that time i won't have a stick of furniture in my apartment but whatever
11:17 AM Bryce: fuck furniture, ill sleep on the cocaine, or one of your little itty bitty friends and their skinny jeans
Van Patten: the girl ones or the guy ones
they wear the same pants

My Dick Is An iPhone 3G

1:29 PM Leopold: i miss NY
Loeb: no shit
i miss it too
and i live here
Leopold: digg
you like that new weezy song
1:30 PM Loeb: i think it's shit
but it'll do well in the clubs
so good for weezy
1:31 PM Leopold: i went through youtube (you ever heard of it??) the other day and watched all the old Hot Boys videos
Loeb: ha ha
Leopold: i forgot how amazing southern rap was in the late 90's
Loeb: it's good eh
1:32 PM southern rap doesn't give a shit
that's why it's more fun
than ny rap
which is too serious sometimes
Leopold: yea
this is what i want my life to sound like
1:33 PM when a girl sucks my dick i want her tohear this
like the ocean to a seashell
1:34 PM Loeb: i want my dick to be like one of those kid's toothbrushes that play ringtones when you put them in your mouth
Leopold: i want my dick to have a bluetooth connection
Loeb: HA HA
Leopold: oh you can use that
Loeb: i want my dick to automatically sync w/ my macbook pro
1:35 PM Leopold: airbook
oh shit got to RUN