Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Bunch of Abstract Expressionists Fucked Up on Coke

24 minutes
3:58 PM Jeremy: rach says you are coming out to NY in may?
4:01 PM Chad: i think she really wants to and we both have the money for it
i want to go in like August
when its heroin hot
Jeremy: hopefully it will just be miller lite hot
4:02 PM i would even accept miller "chill" hot
Chad: henry miller chill
4:03 PM Jeremy: gets hot in the tropic of cancer
ok enough
4:04 PM Chad: shit son
4:08 PM Jeremy: i watched a three hour movie about carthusian monks
last night
netflix = masochism
4:12 PM friends don't let friends do coke and get in the paint closet
@ 5am

8 minutes
4:21 PM Chad: fuck is that your living room?
Jeremy: yeah
Chad: thats what Jackson's pollocks placenta would look like
Jeremy: for real

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