Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Dick Is An iPhone 3G

1:29 PM Leopold: i miss NY
Loeb: no shit
i miss it too
and i live here
Leopold: digg
you like that new weezy song
1:30 PM Loeb: i think it's shit
but it'll do well in the clubs
so good for weezy
1:31 PM Leopold: i went through youtube (you ever heard of it??) the other day and watched all the old Hot Boys videos
Loeb: ha ha
Leopold: i forgot how amazing southern rap was in the late 90's
Loeb: it's good eh
1:32 PM southern rap doesn't give a shit
that's why it's more fun
than ny rap
which is too serious sometimes
Leopold: yea
this is what i want my life to sound like
1:33 PM when a girl sucks my dick i want her tohear this
like the ocean to a seashell
1:34 PM Loeb: i want my dick to be like one of those kid's toothbrushes that play ringtones when you put them in your mouth
Leopold: i want my dick to have a bluetooth connection
Loeb: HA HA
Leopold: oh you can use that
Loeb: i want my dick to automatically sync w/ my macbook pro
1:35 PM Leopold: airbook
oh shit got to RUN

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