Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In The Future There Are No Sexes And We're All Wearing American Apparel

11:03 AM Bryce: wake up faggot
you at work too?

11:09 AM Van Patten
: ugh yeah
11:11 AM for about a week and a half i had $5 in my bank acct
i don't even buy coke, what's up with that shit???
11:12 AM Bryce: no more coke
11:13 AM Van Patten: drukqs aint no fun
11:14 AM you thought about driving to l.a. for the detour festival?
Bryce: yea i did, i was thinking Halloween, and flying
11:15 AM Van Patten: by that time i won't have a stick of furniture in my apartment but whatever
11:17 AM Bryce: fuck furniture, ill sleep on the cocaine, or one of your little itty bitty friends and their skinny jeans
Van Patten: the girl ones or the guy ones
they wear the same pants

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