Sunday, November 30, 2008

Too Cool to Have a Soul

Chas: i need lots of money
Richie: yea
Chas: now
i hate how broke i am
Richie: shitty
work situation sucks?
Chas: no its good
12:01 PM i get paid alright money
Richie: just want to get rich -er?
Chas: yea exactly
just RICH
any jacket i want whencer
Richie: i can't let these liberal arts student niggas make more $$$ than me
Chas: i know
Richie: its unfair
i made decision recently
financial independence first
ghey art films second
12:02 PM Chas: exactly
Richie: only rich fagotas like wes anderson keep their soul
Chas: could we sell something to Andy Samberg, or just kill him and go to work on Monday for him and that ugly teamate he;s got
Richie: im too cool to have a soul
12:03 PM Chas: if my dad was Wes Anderson, Id defo make movies with Mike Bay
Richie: just to piss him off
Chas: "teenage rebellion"
Richie: i feel you
12:04 PM and scoff loudly during dads screenings
like everytime you see slo mo
you start texting loudly
Chas: haha
Richie: and farting in the direction of the screen

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