Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just One More And Then I Gotta Go

12:15 PM Sacco: yup yup
so i'm quitting drinking
for the time being
12:16 PM but i'm not telling anyone
12:18 PM Vanzetti: ok fair enough. Gay as it sounds, GQ had a brief opinion piece this month by a 27 yr old NYsee-er. he took 10 days off drinking, noticed a great difference but was ready to return after. sounds about like what you need, so good luck
12:21 PM cant hurt, youll end up beating off in bed a lot at night. its funny how once you start living an intense social night life, beating off becomes a morning and afternoon activiity only. beating off drunk is like daydreaming wiht a piece of cardboard in you rhand
12:22 PM Sacco: so true
12:23 PM fucking while drunk is like putting a phantom piece of cardboard in some college girl's mouth
12:24 PM Vanzetti: i think its sort of like having a really disengaged conversation about 18th century Brit-US relations with an old professor's aid, ... and also youre fucking someone

5 minutes
12:30 PM Sacco: you have the convo
but then you cum at the end
like knocking your drink off the bar
Vanzetti: god youre gonna miss drinkin
12:31 PM its been so "in" for the last 1000 years
Sacco: so is "health"
and "writing hit screenplays"

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