Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What We Chat About When We Chat About Chats

3:32 PM Raymond Carver: so this lady i know (illegal immigrant from London) says that English major is actually quite respectable in England.
any truth to that?
or just fucking around
Anton Chekov: i dont know
3:34 PM im a rhetoric, Rachel works online. my roommates are American Studies and Anthro respectively. people here dont speak very good english unless they are posh. a ton of slang and many tense inconsistencies. so maybe she;s true
3:38 PM Raymond Carver: i hear that
3:42 PM today is one of those days where I am doing absolutely nothing. and then 5pm will roll around, i get a request and it's like ... Bitch? How DARE you
3:43 PM stunned reaction like someone actually asked me to do something
3:46 PM Anton Chekov: I feel that. when i used to work at the hotel in Berk, i wouldnt get a call on a Sunday for 6 hours, by then 12 epi's deep in Entourage and the phone would ring and I would answer "HeLLO!"
3:47 PM how many sick days you get a year
Raymond Carver: a good one is when your boss comes up to your desk and you close the chat window just before he gets there (phew) but while he is talking to you, you're praying that your buddy doesn't pop open a chat window: "YO FAGGOT, YOU FUCK THAT BITCH LAST NITE OR WHAT???"
3:48 PM busted
Anton Chekov: ha
3:49 PM if i could make an emoticon for me sucking your comedic asian dick, id have thrown it in ____ther
3:50 PM Raymond Carver: :-O <==8
it's my emoticon so i get to beef my dick up a little
3:53 PM Anton Chekov: its a nice graphic and a nice thought for us to part on. gotta finish up some work before Im so drunk I accidentally give an A to a German.

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