Friday, January 30, 2009

Psychopathia Sexualis

3:44 PM Araki: sex sells is an american phrase but Europeans are the only ones whove taken it to heart
3:46 PM Itami: they're so bored of being tittilated
throwing a tit or an ass in there is like picking out a font
Araki: word
3:47 PM its the Japs that really are nailin it these days. no longer under the blade of samurai sword, their sexuality skipped 400 years straight to the future: pee pee and poo poo with tons of giggling all the way home
3:48 PM Itami: call me prude
3:49 PM i dont think i could ever acquire the taste of an octopus tentacle tickling my asshole while sex-ing
i just want clean sheets and the lights off
tasteful music
3:50 PM Araki: what one might in other terms refer to as "japanese"
theyve just gone and confused everything
how can you eat and fuck sushi?
3:51 PM Itami: right
i wish modern japan had existed when freud was around
he would have had a field day
maybe his own TV talk show
the 1st thing i'm doing when i invent time travel is go back and show Freud 2 Girls 1 Cup
3:52 PM Araki: hahahahaha

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