Sunday, January 25, 2009

Portrait of the Artist: prt 2.

4:01 PM
JulesSchnabel: yeah
like you can't write a great novel on a typewriter if you can afford a word processor
quit trying to be a romantic asshole
4:03 PM
GuvnorKlimt: this is very true
the last time i fucked around on a typewriter i felt like i had cerebral paulsy
4:04 PM
JulesSchnabel: it's like wearing sunglasses indoors
GuvnorKlimt: ha
you have to be a drunk to think thats a good way to produce anything
4:06 PM
JulesSchnabel: yeah
you can't afford a dell inspiron but you can afford the secretary
that's going to make 20 carbons for random house

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