Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Metamorphosis of Racists

9:32 PM
Reygadas: yo, i want sbarrros n***a
Almodóvar : you know there was a protest by shop owners in Barcelona recently to not allow the selling of sombreros in Pakistani shops
bc peops were buying thinkin they were Spanish
Reygadas: damn
Almodóvar : ive been here for three months and i still think they are.
i also think all Spanish people come from Native Americans
i ask them if their grandparents are "mayan" ..
and i do the finger quotes
Reygadas: ha ha
that really gets the blood boiling
you sit down in a restaurant and loudly wonder where the chalupas are
9:34 PM
Almodóvar : i always ask for a glass of Corona and a Mexican Pizza, if they dont understand I say, "oh, sorry, a number 8 please"
9:35 PM
Reygadas: HA
every country every race has someone to hate
we should all be swiss
the only thing they hate is assymetry
Almodóvar : and war
9:36 PM
Reygadas: and fun ... now that i think about it
i can't think of anyone buying sombreros in spain
except horribly racist college students having "beaner parties"
at BU
(Barcelona U)
9:38 PM
Almodóvar : yea thats the problem, its brtis buying little sombrero thingeys at shops and sending them home to mom. "hi from Spain" with a postcard of Zapata


  1. and then carlos makes a movie in a near-dead german tongue.
    u see that at filmfo, jt?