Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Richer Than God

AnhQuanCarnegie: i saw this UNREAL penthouse apt in NoLita
HyramDRockefeller: where that?
12:33 PM AnhQuanCarnegie: near the east village
rich israelis with great taste
HyramDRockefeller: nice, so you movin?
AnhQuanCarnegie: concocting a plan to leave my semen everywhere so i can wedlock into the family
12:34 PM HyramDRockefeller: why were you there? conducting a circumcision?
12:35 PM AnhQuanCarnegie: this girl dexter knows was house sitting
it's one of those places where if you try bringing a bottle of wine under $40 dollars into the house it spontaneously combusts in your hands
12:36 PM HyramDRockefeller: haha
12:37 PM AnhQuanCarnegie: when we found the sauna it was like the jews finding the holy land
12:38 PM HyramDRockefeller: dont you think we make jokes that are too "rich" for us?
12:39 PM i feel like i make 165k/year every time we talk
12:40 PM both of our immigrant grandparents would be ashamed. yours specifically, so serious probably.
12:41 PM AnhQuanCarnegie: too educated for our socio-econ status
HyramDRockefeller: shoulda gone to Chico.

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