Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caesar Chavez Day Only Comes Once a Year

Julio: do you have tomorrow off, or is Caesar chavez only honored in white cities
4:59 PM Hugo: thats a luxury people from san luis obispo are allowed to enjoy
5:00 PM Julio: exactly, anyone who is poor enough not to know who he is, doesnt have the ability to celebrate him by getting drunk with their white friends
5:01 PM Hugo: the descedents of his farm labor initiatives all go to a public school that has Martin Luther King Jr. in the name
if you want to make sure your jr high school has good test scores
name that shit after warren buffett or some other rich, living millionaire
they will give a shit
5:03 PM Julio: The L Ron Hubbard School of Youth Advanced Placement and general Racism

5:05 PM Hugo: you know what i'm doing right now?
5:06 PM Julio: do i want to?

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