Friday, March 13, 2009

Executive Producers

12:06 PM
Leonidas: Rachel has a video of you puking
i watched it last week
its the first page of my new graphic novel that hypothetically creates a world where we win the war in Nam
John Rolfe: word up
you can make a movie of it
i dont want my name in the credits but i'll take the check tho
12:09 PM
Leonidas: If i had three punches to any Hollywood chump, one would go to Zach Snyder
John Rolfe: who are the other two?
Leonidas: Charlize Theron and Tobey Macguire
John Rolfe: nice
solid picks
id do hilary swank
Leonidas: yea thatd be satisfying
John Rolfe: i dont think ill get flack for domestic abuse
Leonidas: no
John Rolfe: ill punch her ex husband too
just to rub it in
but when i tell people this anecdote, i'll conveniently forget to mention him
Leonidas: and the third?
12:13 PM
John Rolfe: Terrence Malick -- so i can get bizarre looks at one of ryland's house parties
Leonidas: haha
John Rolfe: theyre just impressed i was able to find him w/ out using a time machine

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