Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Black, Handsome, I Sing ... Plus I'm RICH

1:05 PM SlumdogChamillionaire: the gayest straightest song ever recorded, and i fucking love it. id say heaphones a must http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUDHdzAOSmw

12 minutes
1:18 PM KarlBloggerfeld: its interesting that he sings about fucking to an album that only came out last year?
SlumdogChamillionaire: no, came out in "94 i think
its the album that has "bump and grind"
KarlBloggerfeld: oh yeah
youre right
1:19 PM theres also a r kelly called 12th play fourth quarter
SlumdogChamillionaire: but what woman in their right mind wants to fuck to R kelly in 2009?
KarlBloggerfeld: i guess the ones who were old enough to listen to him in 94
SlumdogChamillionaire: exactly
1:20 PM so in love with kelly tho, i mean the dream
but kanyes gay bc he wears "tight" jeans
1:21 PM KarlBloggerfeld: kanye is goin off the deep end
which i think is cool
1:22 PM SlumdogChamillionaire: i am so ready for the complete drop off. he makes a sex tape fucking a white boy, and then drops the Greatest album of all time
1:23 PM KarlBloggerfeld: exactly
its going to be a hot album coupled with sheer terror, making for a perfect listening experience
like Thriller
1:25 PM SlumdogChamillionaire: its gonna have a naked pic of Warhol on the cover
wearing a terradactile mask
1:26 PM KarlBloggerfeld: the only thing better would be for Kanye to die tragically of AIDs before the release
SlumdogChamillionaire: contracted through junk tho, not gay sex
1:27 PM KarlBloggerfeld: if only that were prove-able
1:28 PM SlumdogChamillionaire: he'll have tracks, a swollen asshole and an ipod on, playing the greatest song ever made
1:29 PM when they find him
1:31 PM gonna go incognito here

38 minutes
2:10 PM SlumdogChamillionaire: i want to hear a rapper interview where they say, "I only listen to gangsta rap, what kinda dumb fucking question is that? How am I suppose to listen to fucking Zepplin, them fuckin crackers suck dick."

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