Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blame It On Ron Howard

2:15 PM JamieFoxxxx: Ron Howard killed Tupac & Biggie
2:16 PM I read it in the smoking gun
2:17 PM T-Wayne: serio dude.
im so sick!
JamieFoxxxx: you caught the plague
T-Wayne: i cant lift my dick to pee
JamieFoxxxx: fuck
sorry guy
2:18 PM T-Wayne: its the kinda sick thatll convince a brother hes had aids for a while now
2:19 PM and this is gonna be the end
JamieFoxxxx: yeah true
like when you see a character in a movie don a trench and a knitted beanie
and he hasnt shaved
you automatically think AIDS
2:20 PM its shorthand
theyve used it in everything: Philadelphia
Before Night Falls
T-Wayne: that one virginia woolf movie with ed harris
JamieFoxxxx: exactly
2:21 PM i was thinking of that
T-Wayne: hey, i saw the international
JamieFoxxxx: really?
T-Wayne: pretty great seriously
JamieFoxxxx: what?>
you got to be kidding me
2:22 PM T-Wayne: no man, excellent director(ing)
JamieFoxxxx: Did Clive ever stop the International
or did he just get a Black Card for his troubles
2:23 PM T-Wayne: no
bad plot
2:24 PM terribly overdone plot
amazing shots and edits and light and guns
2:27 PM JamieFoxxxx: are there any ho's
or is it bourne supremacy
2:28 PM T-Wayne: bourne.
2:31 PM JamieFoxxxx: Nice I'll have to go see
if it's with a girl, i'll take her to the version that has Julia Roberts in it
2:32 PM directed by Steven Soderbergh's kid brother
2:33 PM T-Wayne: exactly
mr and mrs international

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