Thursday, February 26, 2009


11:58 AM McEnroe: lets go to the US open next year
a match that is
Connors: i'm in
McEnroe: we can go dressed in our best safari gear
11:59 AM i was walking down the street to go buy this new jacket the other day with Rach´s mom. she pointed into a store window and said, what about that one, its nice. i said "any store that has a safari hat in its window display is out of my price range"
12:00 PM Connors: yeah
you look up and it's The Ralph Lauren Purple Label collection
some Jewish guy's WASP fantasy
12:01 PM McEnroe: i walked by a huge gallery the other day. it was actually Burberry
its fucking disturbing
how can a jacket that weighs 23 ounces be €750?
12:02 PM Connors: yeah
you're like, "is this woven from God's cunt hairs?"
McEnroe: hah
hey were the grammies on last night?
12:03 PM Connors: i dont think they put anything worth watching up against the Super Bowl
McEnroe: oh right
Connors: not even an episode of LOST where they explain everything in forty five minutes
12:04 PM McEnroe: haha


  1. God.. you're visual aides are disturbing.

  2. Thanks Amy. I'm gonna go read your food blog now and think about how I could've written that.