Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Gaytorialist

SamMenendes: im debating on whether to see Revolutionary Road dubbed en español tonight1:04 PM AlanBallin: dubbing
say what you want about america
SamMenendes: i know..
AlanBallin: but at least we dont do that
SamMenendes: its terrible
1:05 PM its like tagging a Diego Rivera mural
1:06 PM AlanBallin: it's like facebook tagging a DR mural
SamMenendes: haha
AlanBallin: (arrows pointing to the workers rising up against the CAP I TA LEEST macheen)
1:09 PM funny story
1:10 PM yesterday i got mistaken for the designer who made Michelle Obama's inauguration ball gown
by two old ladies who used to work for VOGUE
i said "No" in my basso profundo
and they cowered in the shadow of my preening heterosexuality
1:11 PM SamMenendes: really
were you silk screening in a loft
1:12 PM ?
1:14 PM AlanBallin: no
just had the misfortune of wearing a perfectly fitted blazer at a fashion photography exhibit
1:19 PM when a girl finds out youre not gay (just happen to own a pair of polished prada chelsea boots) she gets so excited like she just got admitted to Brown on appeal

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