Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wanted: Pilot. No Landing Skills Necessary

Newark: im applying to this job right now
1:18 PM LaGuardia: i dont think your definition of "wonderful personality" is the same as theirs
1:19 PM Newark: im with Alex and we were thinkin maybe its gonna be a "take this black audi to this location, leave the keys in the tire well, and walk away" after which i would reply, "and the money?"
LaGuardia: ha ha
1:20 PM "is there room for advancement within the company?"

5 hours
5:44 PM Newark: thatt driving job was a scam
5:45 PM LaGuardia: did they email you back?
5:46 PM Newark: yea
one of those standard ESL emails detailing that i would be paid a large sum of money if i give them my info
$700 a week
3 jobs
5:47 PM a week
for 3 weeks
im gonna send back an attached picture of the Trade Towers burning down, and ask if theyre down?

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