Monday, March 9, 2009

Knife Crime

Tony: are you still shaved headed?
Shane: yeah
4:29 PM I can't really fight too good, so if I end up with a black eye, I want to have a shaved head
it just looks better
it looks like, "hey he got in a fight"
not, "boy that dude got his ass kicked"
4:30 PM Tony: very true (if only from This is England)
4:31 PM Shane: the day i get stitches in my face, i'm going to the shoppe and buying black boots and red suspenders to complete the look
4:32 PM Tony: or the next time you feel like repressing your homosexuality
Shane: no
thats what rap music is for

4:34 PM Tony: I cant decide if I think Brits are generally tough or not?
4:35 PM for example: a friend of mine there got really mad at his other friend and headbutted him ... (tough)
... but then they both cried after (not so tough)
Shane: a bloke will stab you over there
no question
but he'll use a rapier
4:36 PM Tony: haha (sp)
and his shank is swiped clean by a Burberry Kerchief
4:38 PM Shane: All the gangsters drink tea
Michael fucking Caine drinks earl grey even
4:40 PM Tony: i guess they are very willing to throw down, but they cant help being milky creatures. you cant be that tough if youre completely amorphous
4:41 PM its like fighting Gogurt


  1. people at work tell me i look older since i shaved my head. thinking now that it's a nicer way of saying i'd look good if i got my ass beat. i'm pissing in the coffee machine.