Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Nice Story About Fighting

GorgeousGeorge: did i tell you two weeks ago i actually got into a street fight
TheDiscoKid: oh yea?
no i didnt know
12:38 PM GorgeousGeorge: so first off, I completely am unwilling to fight generally for the past two years
But some dude (a bro type guy) was yelling FAGGOTS at me and my two friends. he was with one guy
I told him to stop
12:39 PM he said "FAGGOT! FUCKING FAGGOT!"
at the top of his lungs
i didnt understand
I asked "why faggots?"
he kept shouting and I was like stop, his friend was like stop
then he got closer to me and threw a punch,
12:40 PM I stepped back Ali style hit him in the face with my synthetic material gap jacket
covering his eyes
and my buddy hit him in the ear dropped him
12:41 PM i straddled his face, hit him twice in the mouth and eyes (maybe more) and whispered "Id fuck you if we were alone"
meanwhile the other dude goes up to my other friend and hits him
my buddy hit him back so hard, I thought he died
it sounded like the sound of death
maybe he died
I doubt it .
12:42 PM but yea
street fight in SF
TheDiscoKid: god thats so hard
GorgeousGeorge: i know
TheDiscoKid: you have the psychological violence of a prime mike tyson
GorgeousGeorge: no one assume some one who looks like my friends and I can eat african baby brains
12:43 PM also, the greatest part, We all felt terrible after
literally bad for them
its so weird
brb going to get a latte and a bearclaw

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