Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Ass Movie

Siskel: Half Nelson was actually a good movieEbert: oh yea
Siskel: not like Garden State
Ebert: i really recommended it to people a total "story" based movie that was somehow interesting
5:28 PM Siskel: it's actually so good
that i disparage it in front of other people
i basically dare them to see it
Ebert: right
Siskel: like, you know the best way to get someone to see "2001"
just burn a copy of the dvd casually
just throw it in the fireplace
5:29 PM i don't really know how to recommend Good Movies to other people
5:30 PM i'm like, have you heard of "Hunger"?
(no, obviously)
then i proceed to describe it, do a mediocre job, and they get back to watching clips of Entourage
5:31 PM Ebert: i mean, I dont want to say, "its mind-blowing" or "you HAVE to see it" . i cant situate myself as that guy. so i always end up recommending films like Rocky and like, The Incredibles.
Bc I can say, "it was so good"
and they will think that
5:32 PM "oh you've never heard of 2001? Its like Rocky, but before and after he dies"
Siskel: i'm thinking of buying dvds of obscure films, packaging them in nondescript brown envelopes, with the words "SEE THIS BY TONITE OR ILL FUCKEN KILL U" in sharpie
sending them to friends

Ebert: thats a good idea, I mean realistically. not the kill you part. but just sending DVDs to people with notes like "if you watch this, theres a gram of blow waiting for you at the bar in 3 hours"
5:34 PM Siskel: "you will be quizzed though"
Ebert: exxactly
and once you actually send "Scream"
5:35 PM Siskel
5:36 PM:then you ask them about the themes and visual motifs going on
and they are incredibly well prepared
5:37 PM Ebert: so I saw two "regular" movies this week. one in theater, one in house. Sunshine Cleaning and Ratatouille
Siskel: oh man
5:38 PM Ebert: the former, Amy Adams is good. the latter, the last little VO monologue of the critic sorta did me good.
5:39 PM Siskel: i havent seen sunshine
but yea i know what youre talking about re: ratatouille
Ebert: So what im saying is im not gonna watch normal movies for a long time ... but I wasnt totally disheartened by what i saw
Siskel: theres a tendency to categorize movies into two groups
american and foreign
5:40 PM as if foreign is just some crazy fucking nation that produces mindblowing shit
all the time
5:41 PM Ebert: you should just guide people who you know who say that to terrible indy german movies
God knows ive seen a few
Siskel: yea
what was that one
5:42 PM The Re Edukators
or some shit
Ebert: YES!
thats it
Siskel: that fucking East/West berlin
fuck that movie
Ebert: no one sympathises with Germans
fuck off
5:43 PM you went from straight evil
to straight perfect
who cares

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