Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apartment Therapy

1:20 PM Nigel: got major plans for the weekend?
1:21 PM Blake: Rachel's best homegirl bff from Chile is coming for a few weeks sometime between the hours of 1am and 8am tonight. theres that. minor plans otherwise
some music, some basketball watching
its actually raining right now
1:22 PM you?
1:24 PM Nigel: my main priority is getting rest
i'm starting to look like sweeney todd
i'm cutting a dudes film for money on sunday
thats it
whiskey or cabernet tonight fa sho
1:25 PM Blake: yea word
1:26 PM last night i was sippin on martini's with gorganzola stuffed black olives
1:27 PM Nigel: oh nice
a lounge?
1:28 PM Blake: yea in Oaklnad
really classy place
not cheap
1:29 PM its like im frontin when i do that, bc I go home hungry and eat refrigerated Hebrew Nationals in my ripped upp jeans, crying over the rabbit ears on my 13" TV
1:31 PM Nigel: ha ha
1:32 PM i wonder when its going to get to the point where i'm actually embarassed to take girls back to my shitty, ikea-filled apt
"eh, we're getting fumigation done. i'll pay for the taxi uptown, it's cool"
1:34 PM Blake: as long as no one looks in my fridge the facade plays. my clothes, my furniture, all acceptable. a Costco sized jar of chunky peanut butter with obvious finger trails and white wine spilling onto open salsa containers doesnt scream class
1:35 PM Nigel: boho chic goes a long way
but i feel it has a limited life span
at what age does it become, "ok James, when are you going to quit your job at Wasteland vintage"
"you havent made manager yet"
1:36 PM Blake: if i was single, the girls i would date, wouldnt be ok with it anymore.
(ie i would never date a hipster, now that i know what theyre all about)
1:37 PM Nigel: i dont think ive ever dated one
i mean, i would prob hate it,
but its not like im not gonna visit Moscow once before i die

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