Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Cohn: last night i watched the first half hour of Manhattan and then the first half hour of Bottle Rocket. That may have been the funniest hour of movie magic in my life
11:39 AM Pedro: Manhattan is probably my favorite Woody Allen
fucking Mariel Hemingway or whoever that pre-teen is
what a heartbreaking scene
Cohn: it is here
11:40 AM Pedro: she offed herself huh
Cohn: no
her sis
Pedro: yea margaux
Cohn: yes
mariel is alive
and in films
11:41 AM Pedro: a giantess
if i, as some skinny, smart ass asian motherfucker
somehow started dating mariel hemingway
11:42 AM id be so fuckin glad her pops is under the ground
Cohn: foreal
Pedro: Thanksgiving would be like D Day
11:43 AM Cohn: "so Mr Hemingway, the lost generation hey?" pop pop pop
Pedro: haha
"hey Ernie, have you seen Keyboard Cat? Check this out .."
11:45 AM shit, i wonder if Pops threatened woody with violence if he tried anything funny
11:46 AM Cohn: he wasnt dead?
Pedro: i dunno
when did he die?
Cohn: its her Grandpa
her mom is his first wife
Pedro: oh he was long gone
Cohn: mm
Pedro: manhattan wasnt till the late 70s
11:47 AM Cohn: if he saw the phrase @juliantran hed probably just have killed himself anyway

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