Friday, July 17, 2009

I Can't Keep Doing This ... With These ... People

1:10 PM AnhQuanFraticelli: i'd pay 35 bucks to have an orgasm right now
that's how hungover i am
1:11 PM DenzelRubenstein: im surfing inet dating sites, foreal
im wearing a swimsuit
AnhQuanFraticelli: one of my good buddies out here has a true success story
he likened it to "looking at fish in a barrell"
1:12 PM i'm thinking of posting my profile, but with a white jewish guy's picture
to see how horribly disadvantaged i am in real life
it's a struggle
1:13 PM DenzelRubenstein: haha
AnhQuanFraticelli: i work twice as hard to get the same pussy as a less cool white guy
it's insane
1:14 PM DenzelRubenstein: im looking for specific skill sets right now. amazing tolerance for cigarette smoke in bed, bisexuality, willing to beat me and makes >$50,00/year.
very few out there
1:15 PM AnhQuanFraticelli: the beating you part and the >50k are opposites on the venn diagram
DenzelRubenstein: im basically looking for that one retarted fish that gloates at the top of the barrell and plays dead until you fuck it to life
AnhQuanFraticelli: ha
1:17 PM DenzelRubenstein: God its actually really depressing
i thought maybe thered been a shift in thought and normal hot people get on here and see what comes back
1:18 PM sadly its a bunch of black and latinas with names like "beyonce23" and "shakiraassmuncher44"
AnhQuanFraticelli: fuck
you would have thought that rom coms like "he's just not that into you" would have sent people to in droves
1:19 PM and by people, i mean sad brunettes working in "media" and living in Ny
1:21 PM DenzelRubenstein: ha!
1:22 PM AnhQuanFraticelli: i just described my morning commute
a bunch of ok looking girls thinking about the emails they have to send this morning
1:23 PM DenzelRubenstein: 'ewww what is that guy doing? Oh is he jacking off? oh god! Im so tweeting this'
AnhQuanFraticelli: ha ha
1:25 PM DenzelRubenstein: when i got up this morning i saw a girl walk out her building in that standard whore office attire, where knowing its friday she dressed cute so she can get banged aftter happy with Steve from billing and services. She lit a cigarette and put on her glasses and wanted to just go up to her and grab her hair and slam her face first into my building and say "just fucking stop it ok. all of this."
1:27 PM instead i lit a cig of my own and farted, and thought "I think i need to take a shit"

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  1. Ok. This one? This one's hilarious.