Thursday, July 9, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To ...

4:13 PM RomanCoppola: so the oscars are changing their format for best picture
4:15 PM
instead of 5 best picture noms
it's 10
4:16 PM i cant tell whether this will be used for good or evil
4:17 PM could the producers of He's Just Not That Into You be thinking "maybe this is our year"?
4:21 PM NickCassavetes: haha. wow
i cant believe that
the list to me is always 2
and its clear what the winner is
RomanCoppola: exactly
and then you have your Secret Oscars
which only you and your friends care about
4:22 PM America never wins that one
4:23 PM NickCassavetes: sotrue

8 minutes
4:31 PM NickCassavetes: you never saw my black timberland boat shoes when you were here did you?
RomanCoppola: nope
4:32 PM NickCassavetes: well i spared you one orgasm you can now have during intercourse with a female
RomanCoppola: thank you
those are in short supply due to the casual drinking i'm engaged in
1-2 whiskey based cocktails is enough to turn my dick into an inanimate objet d'art
4:34 PM NickCassavetes: you can make a molding and send it to Telluride for the best foreign film award
4:37 PM RomanCoppola: "short film category"
ba dum pshhh
4:40 PM NickCassavetes: hah

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