Monday, June 15, 2009

Working Stiffs

3:37 PM Sterling: what up home snakes
3:38 PM Cooper: snakes snakes and more snakes, all the way down
3:39 PM Sterling: i'm so fucking sick of working
and it's not that i'm lazy
quite the opposite
i just want to do it in a windowless room, with no one else in it
hermetically sealed off
3:40 PM from assholes
3:41 PM i think i'm harboring a secret desire to be a cartoonist
3:42 PM Cooper: i have a secret desire to catch serial killers and terrorists. does that mean we can share an office?
Sterling: yeah
just make sure you write your name on your lunch so we don't get ours mixed up
3:43 PM Cooper: i once got caught with someone else's Pepsi. it was terrible
had their name in marker on it
Sterling: its like a scene out of a bad commercial
3:44 PM Cooper: exactly, and equally as funny
Sterling: did they react with a really passive aggressive sign scotch taped to the fridge?
3:45 PM Cooper: no but i heard from someone that someone told someone that someone may be pretty mad at me about something

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