Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look Ma, No Hands

12:52 PM
Charlie: just got back from a temp agency interview and I blew shit out of the water. im the most qualified dude for sure. my competition is GED educated mid 40's black women who use the "hunt and peck" technique on their typing test
Charlie: I scored an 86 on my Excel test and I was like "ouch" and she said, "no its fine, the avg score is 68"

its like if enrolled in film 101, and my first paper was on the affect of faces of a Mizoguchi
you know, until just right now, i can proudly say i have never written the words "mise en scene"
12:55 PM
thats like in 8 years theres gonna be a couple dick heads like us saying "I can proudly say, through all that bullshit, I never wore skinny jeans"
goddamn I dont even need you today, Im my own catalyst
just dont sign off
Mac: hahaha
12:58 PM
Charlie: so I usually dont pass blame on these sort of issues (like, jim got me hooked on junk, marjene got me hooked on pussy) but YOU my friend, I can safely say brought me right back to smoking, full on
Mac: i just helped you self-actualize
i'm like a death coach
Charlie: its true, ive never felt more like me
waking up in the morning with a crushed pack of cigarettes and an empty bottle of wine in my bed, is like going to see your mother after 16 years in San Quentin
... only to find out she's dead

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