Sunday, November 8, 2009

From L.A. to the Bay

AliceWaters: most people from LA do not like the Bay
to live in i mean

6 minutes
7:39 PM EvaLongoria: Either you think it's beneath you and you hate it, or you think it's beneath you and you love it (i.e. you look at everyone as prey), or you love it (in which case, you probably hated LA anyway)
7:41 PM AliceWaters: yea i get that. I mean nothing against you at all of course. But clearly LA people are horrible, but the generaly population up here is so unattractive we let them slide. But for those of us who are good looking (eh hem) we generally view them as vaginal and anal secretions
7:44 PM EvaLongoria: sorry you need to repeat that. i was just finishing up my xlarge pinkberry
7:45 PM AliceWaters: I cant I have to head over to a prop 8 rally
7:46 PM EvaLongoria: im campaigning for cheap, affordable Tom Ford eyewear
7:48 PM AliceWaters: i just took a shower in recycled soy products

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